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The End of Triathlon

The clock read 4-hours, 19-minutes, and 24-seconds. I didn’t know it then, but that marked the end. After 53 races and nearly 8 years, the triathlon chapter in my life closed. The decision to step away was not at all premeditated, but rather a long process of unconscious decisions. In short, the opportunity cost to race […]

2014 By The Numbers

Races are hard to write about. Remembering what happened and spinning them in a way that comes across as interesting is basically impossible to do. Writing about triathlon training is an even tougher task, but when a year’s worth of training data is collected, it’s… eh, it’s still boring. So, allow me to tell you about flip […]

North Face Endurance Challenge

Sometime after finishing Leadville, I figured running a 50-miler would be a nice way to cap off the year. At the time, the North Face Endurance Challenge sounded like a walk in the park. After all, I only had to run half as far. I have a very flawed sense of logic, because running such distances […]

Leadville Trail 100 Run

The Leadville Trail 100 Run is more than a race, it’s an experience. The altitude, community, volunteers, athletes, and founders, Ken Chlouber and Merilee Maupin, make for an unforgettable experience. Although some parts of race don’t exist in my memory bank, the parts I do remember are awesome, awful, and truly unforgettable. At 4:00 AM, the gun went off […]

Leadville Trail 100 MTB

The Leadville Trail 100 MTB is an epic in every sense of the overused mountain bike term. The brut of a course starts 10,176 feet (3,101 m), climbs 12,266 vertical feet (3,739 m) reaching an elevation of 12,530 feet (3,819 m), and covers ~104 miles (167 km) of fire roads, single track, and some tarmac. It’s […]

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