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#400in4 & The Santa Cruz International

Sometimes I get ideas. Actually, “quite often” would be a better way of describing the rate in which things pop into my head. Anyways, some of the ideas are good, some are bad, and most are questionable. I’m particularly fond of the questionable ideas, because this new website is basically a breeding ground for them. […]

Alcatraz Interview

Interviews are fun. They’re opportunities for one-on-one, no holds barred, complete transparency, questioning and answering. That is, unless you’re Lance Armstrong – hehe. Since very rarely am I contacted for an interview, I decided to take some initiative and interview myself. Presumably, such a post would end up being quite abstract. However, with the Escape […]

Time Trialing

Testing is pretty great. You get to find how good (or bad) you are at something, which gives purpose to doing that thing and provides the impetus to want to improve (in theory). Although the following has distant relevance to sport, Daniel Tosh sums up testing quite well, in my opinion: “Don’t you love it […]

2012 By The Numbers

No one ever asks how much I train. Despite the utter lack of inquisition, I’m going to tell you what I did in 2012 anyways. So, if you want to know what a fumbling professional triathlete’s training looked like – give me time – scroll on down. Swimming: 856,300 yards (486.5 miles) They always say, […]


Since St. Pölten, I’ve been able to resume a somewhat consistent training regime once again. Nothing like what I would do at home on a weekly basis, but it’s training nevertheless. Speaking of St. Pölten, I wasn’t the only athlete to screw up the finishing loop. I overheard a rumor a large percentage of the […]

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