I’ve never been the type for resolutions. From my perspective, they’re silly and most often end up being empty promises. Maybe I’m too discipline for my own good, but I’ve always believed that if I want something, getting it is up to me and only me. For that reason, I don’t have dreams; I just have goals, because a dream is something you are not actively pursuing.

So, what am I working towards in 2011? All may not be relevant to triathlon, but this is a triathlon blog, so the majority will be. Also, the goals are listed at random.

1. Get a Job
My student loans refuse to pay themselves and triathlon isn’t going to get me out of debt in the near future, so I’m officially unemployed. A full-time job is likely out of the question, because I would probably suck at my job and triathlon if I tried balancing the two (40 hours working + 25 to 30 hours training = fail). However, I don’t want your standard retail part-time gig. I want something to put on my resume, so maybe a paid internship or the similar. If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll play with the idea of a masters degree.

2. Sub 19-minute 1500m
Improvement comes in small increments and over the course of 2010, my swim stroke has improved greatly. Regardless, I still have ways to go to where I want to be – a more efficient pull, better swim strength, less body hair perhaps.

3. Sub 33-minute 10k
The same goes with running as swimming. I feel that I improved greatly in 2010 and building from there, I expect faster splits in 2011. The key is balancing the correct level of speed work, but Coach Muddy has that covered.

4. Create and Sell a Product
Ideas for this and that pop into my head quite often. Some ideas require capital, which I am lacking, so I abandon them. However, smaller, more realistic ideas come along too and I plan on getting the ball rolling here shortly.

5. Take Home Checks
With the prospect of a job supplementing my income, that would allow me to choose races more discerningly. That likely means fewer races, but that extra rest and preparation will hopefully land me in the money more often than not.

6. Learn to Swim Fly Efficiently
I have a fascination about fly. Maybe it’s the fluidity of its rhythm when done properly or maybe it’s because I can’t seem to swim it well at all. I’m terribly inefficient and swimming it wears me out! However, a little research and coaching pointers ought to get me on my way to “humping the water,” as it was affectionately described to me once.

7. Top 5 in a Continental Cup
I’ve never competed in a draft-legal triathlon, but I’ll be making my debut in 2011. With a bit more work on the swim and run, I believe this goal is attainable. Albeit, this is a very tough goal. Good thing I don’t shy away from difficult situations.

8. Be a Better Athlete Ambassador for My Sponsors
Every little bit of support I receive from my sponsors is a tremendous help! Whether it’s nutrition, a race suit, a massage, or other equipment, it all helps me to perform at the highest level possible. That is why I owe my best marketing efforts to the companies and individuals who have entrusted me to represent them.

9. Break 1-minute Consistently for a 100 Free
I can break the : 60 second barrier, but always seem to tense up or try to power my way through the water on repeated efforts. This, of course, is very inefficient swimming. Learning to stay relaxed will pay big dividends in the water.

10. Sub 5-minute Mile
I’ve never run a sub 5-minute mile, nor have I ever tried to. Anytime I was at a track session, I was told to stay within a small time range. While I have run much faster than a 5-minute pace for shorter distances, not once have I tried to push it over 5,280 feet.

11. Enjoy the Journey
No matter what happens in 2011, I better be having fun or I’ll need to reassess what I’m doing with my life. Triathlon is a passion of mine, the healthy lifestyle is my lifestyle. I love what I do and am looking forward to whatever comes my way.

Here’s to 2011!