2013 By The Numbers

If there’s one thing I’m good at – besides cooking, cleaning, and organizing – it’s being consistent with my training. While some people struggle to get out of bed to work out, I struggle to get through a day without swimming, biking, and/or running at least once. Some, vice, eh?

If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m also slightly obsessive compulsive with numbers. And by slightly, I mean I basically know exactly how far I’ve swum at any given moment and know precisely what pace per 100 I’m holding, for example. Long story short, I maintain a Google doc with all my triathlon training and other workout stats.

Before jumping into the numbers, there’s one caveat: I took two weeks completely off mid-season. Therefore, the numbers are based on a 50-week timespan.

Swimming: 587,300 yards (333.7 miles)

In all honesty, I felt like my swimming stagnated in 2013. There were times I swam a lot and there were times I barely touched the water. What gives? I felt a little, err, really lost once I started working full-time. My motivation to swim every morning was to beat rush hour traffic rather than to improve my swim fitness. My results reflected that. As for the numbers, the most yards I accumulated in one day was 7,000. The most yards I swam over the course of a week was 21,200 and the biggest month topped out at 76,000 yards. My average distance swam per week was 11,746 yards.

To swim 587,300 yards, I swam 163 times, meaning I averaged 3,603 yards per swim.

Cycling: 5,692.8 miles

Like swimming, I lacked direction in 2013 on the bike. It’s hard to swallow, but I felt that my bike fitness actually deteriorated in 2013. That is, until the latter part of the year. Riding 400 miles in 4 days definitely gave me a boost and suffering through 476 miles on a mountain bike in Mongolia gave my legs a few extra watts as well. As for the numbers, my biggest single-day ride was 113 miles. The most vertical feet ascended in one ride was 14,243. The most mileage I logged in one week was 476 and the most I rode in one month was 696.3 miles. My weekly average distance ridden was 113.8 miles.

To ride 5,692.8 miles, I rode 169 times, meaning I averaged 33.7 miles per ride.

Running: 1,191.6 miles

I got off to a quick start in 2013 in regards to my run fitness. On the 17th January, I ran a 16:04 5K in a 20-minute run test-set. After that, I have no idea what happened…

After disappointing performances at the Escape from Alcatraz and Wildflower triathlons, something inside me snapped and this website appeared. All of sudden, the thoughts of ultras and other uber-endurance events started filling my mind. There’s a logical explanation, err, well “logical” in my mind, to why I’ve chosen the direction I’m now going, but that explanation is being saved for another day.

Being that I attempted to prepare for ultras, I ran a bit more. My biggest single-day run was 50 miles at the Dick Collins Firetrails 50. It was also there that I ascended the most vertical feet in one run; 8,364. The most I ran in one week was 67.2 miles and the most miles logged in one month was 173.9. My weekly average distance run was 23.8 miles.

To run 1,191.6 miles, I ran 155 times, meaning I averaged 7.7 miles per run.

Chart I: Breakdown of triathlon training sessions by discipline for 2013

Total Number of Workouts: 524 (including infrequent gym sessions)

In total, I trained 524 times in 2013 to accumulate 7,218.1 total miles. That equates to 9.8 – let’s just call it 10 – training sessions per week or 1.4 workouts per day. In regards to time, my Strava account shows that I spent 533 hours training. However, I did not log every workout, so there’s a sizable chunk of time unaccounted for.

Just for fun, I counted calories for two weeks to see whereabouts my  daily caloric intake leveled off. My findings: I eat 3,988 calories per day, on average. During that period of time, I was working full-time, so I wasn’t training that much and didn’t have anything big on my race calendar.

Additional findings: I spend a lot of money on food.

Chart 2:  Comparison of triathlon training mileage for 2013

If you happened to have read my By The Numbers post for 2012, you’ll notice there was a significant reduction in overall training sessions and mileage. On the other hand, I did log a lot more desk time. Unfortunately, “desk time” didn’t make me any fitter. Analyzing my two year training trends, 2014 ought to entail even less training sessions and overall mileage…

Just kidding! This year will probably get back to more ridiculousness, because ridiculousness is fun and ridiculousness means crossing things off my website’s to-do list.