2014 By The Numbers

Races are hard to write about. Remembering what happened and spinning them in a way that comes across as interesting is basically impossible to do. Writing about triathlon training is an even tougher task, but when a year’s worth of training data is collected, it’s… eh, it’s still boring.

So, allow me to tell you about flip turns, pedal strokes, and experiences in short shorts.

I thought about making nifty charts and tables for each discipline, but I don’t get paid to write blogs – or race for that matter – so I’m going to keep it simple with averages, things of note, and one pie chart.


For how much I like swimming, I hardly swam in 2014. Especially compared to 2012 and 2013, when I swam 856,300 yards and 587,300 yards respectively. Though, lap pools were hard to come by in Bali, where I lived for ~ 4 months. They weren’t terribly convenient to get to either.

• Yards Swam: 372,272 (211.5 miles)

• Number of Swims: 123

• Average Yardage Per Swim: 3,027

Year over year, I swam 40 less swims and my total yardage was down 37%.

Things of Note:

• Longest Swim: 4,700 yards

• Most Yards Swam in a Week: 14,600

• Average Yardage Per Week: 7,159

• Most Yards Swam in a Month: 49,200

• Average Yardage Per Month: 31,023

• Average Flipturns Per Swim: 115

Being that I competed in just one triathlon, I suppose swimming didn’t really matter. I’m actually ashamed of the paltry numbers, but the numbers do correlate with my current swimming abilities.


I did manage to ride a decent amount in 2014, but with very little focus. The most focus I had was for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB. Other than that, everything I rode was basically junky base miles. How’s my cycling fitness? Probably crap for having ridden 6,000+ miles.

• Miles Ridden: 6,042.5

• Number of Rides: 159

• Average Distance Per Ride: 38 miles

Year over year, I rode 10 less rides and my total mileage was up 6.2%.

Things of Note:

• Longest Ride: 103.9 miles

• Most Miles Ridden in a Week: 328.2

• Average Mileage Per Week: 116.2

• Most Miles Ridden in a Month: 725.1

• Average Mileage Per Month: 503.5

• Most Vertical Feet Climbed in a Ride: 12,266

• Longest Ride (time-wise): 8:35:50

Of the 159 rides I did, the majority were ridden on the trainer; 75 trainer rides, 66 road rides, and 18 mountain bike rides.


If I made progress anywhere, it was on the run. Though, that progress wasn’t in terms of speed, because I almost certainly got slower. Rather, I broke through physical- and mental barriers I didn’t know existed. I’m not going to lie, I’m proud of the shit I can put up with.

• Miles Run: 1,855.7

• Number of Runs: 215

• Average Distance Per Run: 8.6 miles

Year over yearI ran 60 more runs and my total mileage was up 55%.

Things of Note:

• Longest Run: 100 miles

• Most Miles Run in a Week: 114.4

• Average Mileage Per Week: 35.7

• Most Miles Run in a Month: 253.7

• Average Mileage Per Month: 154.6

• Most Vertical Feet Climbed in a Run: 14,520

• Longest Run (time-wise): 23:23:24

As the year progressed, my affinity for running grew exponentially. Particularly for trail running. There’s the simple serenity aspect of it, but it’s also because I feel like a wild animal when winding along trails. I imagine I’m a tiger.


In review, 2014 was a good year. I completed two of the world’s toughest single day endurance races. More would have been cool, but damn are they expensive.

• Total Number of Workouts: 517

• Total Mileage: 8,109.7

• Total Time Spent Training / Racing: 741

Year over yearI did 7 less workouts and my total mileage was up 12.4%.

Things of Note:

• Most Hours Spent Training in a Month: 102

• Average Hours Spent Training Per Month: 61.8

• Average Hours Spent Training Per Day: 2

• Average Number of Training Sessions Per Week: 10

• Average Total Mileage Per Day: 22.2

• Rest Days Taken: 31 (Plus 10 Sick Days)

As I mentioned earlier, I competed in one triathlon – and I call myself a “Professional”… ha. That triathlon was Challenge Rancho Cordova. I probably did as well as I could have (18th), considering the race was 7 weeks after the Leadville Trail 100 Run. Prior to Challenge Rancho Cordova, 323 days had passed since I last competed in a triathlon (Ironman Arizona).

Speaking of racing, I competed in 5 events; 3 ultras, 1 mountain bike race, and 1 triathlon. Relative to my total time spent training / racing, the races accounted for 7% of that time (49-hours, 17-minutes, and 43-seconds).

What’s in store for 2015? I have no idea…

I wasn’t fortunate enough to get into either Norseman or Western States. There’s still hope for Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, but beyond that, I dunno… maybe I’ll go after a mountain or two. If I don’t get into Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, I’ll run a 100k at the very least to get into the Western States lottery. The Boston Marathon also has an appeal, so I’ll likely attempt to qualify for that (2016).

As usual, I’m all over the place. Whatever keeps things fun and exciting, right?