2015 By The Numbers

In 2012, when I was a much more consistent blogger, I began writing a yearly summary of my training numbers. It was then that I discovered my love of creating spreadsheets and writing formulas. Fast forward a couple years and here we are in its 4th edition.

I’m not sure how interesting you all find these posts, but that matters not, as I think they’re fun.

To jog everyone’s memory, I walked away from triathlon in 2015 and shifted my focus to running. The chart below sums up that transition quite nicely.

The above chart represents a 69% decrease in swims, a 61% decrease in rides, and a 53% increase in runs from 2013 to 2015.

In regards to mileage between 2012 to 2015, I swam 81% fewer miles, rode 70% fewer miles, and ran 96% more miles. That respectively works out to 394.2 fewer miles swam, 6,303.9 fewer miles ridden, and 1,117.6 more miles ran.

Reflecting on that makes me feel extremely lazy.

Enough about year over year data, let’s dive into 2015. Before that, I’d like to give a shout out to the Gyroscope app folks. All of the following charts and maps are courtesy of their platform. In case you were wondering, no, I do not have any ties to them.

Regardless, check them out.



I swam 50 times and racked up 162,556 yards. The notables:

  • Average Distance per Swim: 3,251 yards
  • Average Distance per Month: 13,546 yards*
  • Longest Swim: 4,000 yards
  • Biggest Week: 14,000 yards
  • Biggest Month: 43,000 yards
  • Total Time Spent Swimming: 41.5 hours

I haven’t swam since the 27th August and actually miss it. It’s great cross-training, active recovery, and/or a kick-ass workout. Why haven’t I swam more? In short, to focus more on running. Someday I shall wear a speedo again.

* Being that I haven’t swam since August, the Average Distance per Month total could alternatively reflect 20,320 yards .

Thanks to Christen Dybenko, kinesiology tape also happened in 2015.

Check out Tape Kinetics and order a roll. Or several!



I rode 66 times and racked up 2,698.1 miles. The notables:

  • Average Distance per Ride: 40.9 miles
  • Average Distance per Month: 224.8 miles
  • Longest Ride: 107.9 miles
  • Most Elevation Gain: 9,180 feet
  • Total Elevation Gain: 157,064 feet*
  • Biggest Week: 201.3 miles
  • Biggest Month: 558.7 miles
  • Total Time Spent Cycling: 160.1 hours*

Of those 66 rides, 26% were ridden on a trainer, 9% on a mountain bike, and the remaining 65% on a road bike.

Cycling, like swimming, is also something that I kind of miss. While it would be nice to ride more, the running races I do simply demand too much specific focus. Despite that, I’m still dumb enough to take on the occasional overly ambitious route.

* totals estimated by Strava



I ran 237 times and racked up 2,276.6 miles. The notables:

  • Average Distance per Run: 9.6 miles
  • Average Distance per Month: 189.7 miles
  • Longest Run: 101.4 miles
  • Most Elevation Gain:  21,730 feet
  • Total Elevation Gain: 130,466 feet*
  • Biggest Week: 152.3 miles
  • Biggest Month: 362 miles
  • Total Time Spent Running: 305 hours*

Even though my running numbers are comparatively profound, I actually got off to a slow start in 2015. Due to a nagging knee injury (thanks, XC Skiing), I managed a meager 72.9 miles for January and February combined! March saw improvement and allowed me 106.4 miles for the month.

Overall, the big push in 2015 was for Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, which didn’t go according to plan. However, I had decent fitness and was more or less rested for the other 100 I ran 6 weeks later.

* totals estimated by Strava



In 2015, I competed in 5 races, totaling 271.1 miles, and 54.1 hours. Here are the details:

  • Across the Bay 12k: 43:49 (5:50/mile); 6th Overall
  • San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon: 2:50:01 (6:30/mile); 9th Overall
  • Siskiyou Out Back: 7:22:48 (8:52/mile); 3rd Overall
  • Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji: 23:45:58 (16:29/mile); DQ at mile 86 (phone lost power)
  • Rio Del Lago 100: 19:22:50 (11:28/mile); 11th Overall



All activities combined, I worked out 353 times and covered 5,068.9 miles in an estimated 508 hours. However, that does not include the core work and push-ups I do daily.



For the first time, I also tracked how many rest days I took and the reason why. In total, I took 27 days off. Of those 27 days, 16 were basic rest days; 8 days were taken off due to travel; and surprisingly, only 3 days were missed due to being sick. So, I swam, biked, or ran – probably ran – 93% of the time.

I have to highlight the sickness stat, because that equates to being sick .8% of the time. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think there’s something to that; greatly limiting or eliminating sugar, gluten, and processed foods, while focusing on a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and, of course, water.

Whatever the case, that’s my experience.


Looking Ahead to 2016:

There’s not too much on the calendar in 2016 and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. So far, there’s Boston and a requisite Western States qualifier: the Miwok 100k.

If the first 10 days of 2016 are any indication, I’m on pace to run 1.37 miles for every 1 mile ridden. I’m also on pace to do 36,500 crunches and push-ups. We shall see…