2016 By The Numbers

If you find yourself reading this blog post and came from a source other than Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, I literally have no idea how you got here. I have done zero SEO. Regardless, I don’t care where you came from, you’re welcome here.

Anyways, welcome to the 5th edition of my annual training and racing statistics summary. Let’s get to the bullet points and charts!

Overall, my training data strongly suggests that I’ve been getting lazier over the years.

However, running did hold strong, more or less. Especially considering I took a 100-day hiatus due to a still definitively unknown knee issue. Assumptions can be made, but let’s not – you’re probably not my Doctor.


I swam 4 times and racked up 10,500 yards. The only reason I got back in the pool was because I couldn’t run. Though, even swimming bothered my knee, so that too had to stop. Nothing more need be written about swimming.

Fun fact: I can still flip-turn.


I rode 46 times and racked up 1,292.3 miles. The not notable notables:

  • Average Distance per Ride: 28.1 miles
  • Average Distance per Month: 107.7 miles
  • Longest Ride: 112.4 miles
  • Most Elevation Gain: 11,755 feet
  • Total Elevation Gain: 90,833 feet*
  • Biggest Week: 135.6 miles
  • Biggest Month: 280.8 miles
  • Total Time Spent Cycling: 83 hours*

Of those 46 rides, 13% were ridden on a trainer, 9% on a mountain bike, and the remaining 78% on a road bike.

Honestly, I rode more than I thought I would. If it weren’t for the Leadville Leadman Series and that pesky 100-mile mountain bike race, I most certainly wouldn’t have gotten on a mountain bike. Thankfully I did and discovered Boo Bicycles. In short, damn, those rides are sweet! Someday I shall get one. Also sounds fun to attempt Race Across America atop one.

Fun fact: Most of my rides involved buying cookies.

* totals estimated by Strava


I ran 224 times and racked up 2,324 miles. The notables:

  • Average Distance per Run: 10.4 miles
  • Average Distance per Month: 193.7 miles
    • Average Distance per Month (Adjusted for Time-Off): 244.6 miles
  • Longest Run: 100 miles
  • Most Elevation Gain: 14,475 feet
  • Total Elevation Gain: 189,275 feet*
  • Biggest Week: 120.2 miles
  • Biggest Month: 351 miles
  • Total Time Spent Running: 325.6 hours*

Starting the year, Boston was firmly in my sights. I ran well but missed breaking the 2:40:00 mark by 3-minutes and 34-seconds. I wasn’t at all upset with my time, though, I feel compelled to break that barrier. Berlin in a yet to be announced year sounds good.

After Boston, I had no concrete plans. I ran the Quicksilver 100k at the last minute, then decided to run the Leadville Trail Marathon to see how I’d do versus my time from 2014 – running at 10,000+ ft. doesn’t get any easier. Then I found myself registering for the entire Leadman Series and the rest is history. It was right after the 100-mile run that my knee started acting up.

Fun fact: I touched each toe 2,240 times before runs putting on Injinji toe-socks in 2016.

* totals estimated by Strava


In 2016, I competed in races, totaling 374.7 miles, and 93:14:49 hours. Here are the details:

  • Boston Marathon: 2:43:33 (6:15/mile); 215th Overall
  • Quicksilver 100k: 9:58:12 (9:38/mile); 5th Overall
  • Leadville Leadman Series: 36:55:30; 3rd Overall
    • Leadville Trail Marathon: 4:26:22 (10:10/mile); 17th Overall
    • Leadville Silver Rush 50: 8:01:31 (9:38/mile); 14th Overall
    • Leadville Trail 100 MTB: 8:43:47 (11.9 mph); 193rd Overall
    • Leadville 10k: 38:56 (6:16/mile); 7th Overall
    • Leadville Trail 100 Run: 20:25:24 (12:15/mile); 13th Overall

Fun fact: Christen spent 3.5 days of her life following me around race courses in 2016. 


All activities combined, I worked out 274 times and covered 3,622.3 miles in an estimated 413 hours. However, that does not include the core work and push-ups I do daily; a reasonable estimate puts each around 40,000+.


I also track how many rest days I took and the reason why. In total, I took 103 days off. Of those 103 days, 13 were rest days (3.6%); 1 day was taken off due to travel (.3%); 3 days were missed due to sickness (.8%), and 86 were taken off due to injury (23.6%). So, I worked out or raced 72% of the time, which is a 22.6% decrease in activity year over year.

Looking Ahead

As of today, I have nothing planned. Though I did buy a sweet Helly Hansen ski outfit so I can look passable on greens and somewhat stylish when forgetting how to turn down blues. I would love to sign up for an ultra but have been tentative until I regain 100% confidence in my knee. Fortunately, it’s definitely getting better. Unfortunately, most all of the coveted ultras have long been sold out. However, I did just put my name into the hat for Badwater, because I’m smart like that.

I’d also like to begin attempting the seven summits and perhaps taking on Mount Kosciuszko and Aconcagua in 2017.

Now that I’ve told you all about my life, just email me for my social security number and bank account numbers.