#400in4 & The Santa Cruz International

Sometimes I get ideas. Actually, “quite often” would be a better way of describing the rate in which things pop into my head. Anyways, some of the ideas are good, some are bad, and most are questionable. I’m particularly fond of the questionable ideas, because this new website is basically a breeding ground for them.

With the Mongolia Bike Challenge fast approaching and me logging significantly more desk time than saddle time, something had to change. Fortunately, my contract with work was nearing an end and a new opportunity loomed on the horizon, leaving me a week to do whatever I wanted.

Naturally, I wanted to ride. So I did. And I went big.

The idea to ride 400 miles in 4 days was first realized at my desk – I was probably daydreaming. While I’ve never done back-to-back centuries, I have ridden upwards of 415 miles during the course of a week. Yeah, that’s not crazy mileage compared to cyclists, but that week also included other triathletey things. Nevertheless, I’m probably going to get my ass kicked in Mongolia, therefore, I had more than enough reason ride 400 miles in 4 days.

Why 4 days? Honestly, “400” and “4” just sounded good together. Yep, that’s my rationale.

Day 1: 113 miles; 6:13:08; 5,577 vertical feet

The first day was a relatively easy day. Though, my legs were growing tired on the last two big-ish climbs.

Day 2: 101.8 miles; 6:27:01; 14,243 vertical feet

Day two wasn’t as smooth. I flatted early in the ride and needed a new tire to keep going. On the long descent into Big Basin, the other tire flatted, making me a little nervous as I only had one spare tube. I was eating on a much more frequent interval than the previous day, so I flew threw my food reserves and was basically running on empty heading home. Luckily, Whole Foods gave me a “sample” vegan donut. Nom!

Day 3: 103.6 miles; 6:17:37; 7,265 vertical feet

After chowing down after the second ride and taking more food with for day three, things went more smoothly. I rode up Old La Honda, but did so at a leisurely pace. It’s a really nice climb when you’re not huffing and puffing and staring at your stem for 3.2 miles.

Day 4: 85.3; 4:54:38; 2,867 vertical feet

My body decided to start hating me on day four. My legs felt heavy for obvious reasons, but I also came down with a bug or virus, because my stomach was not happy for the duration! In short, the ride sucked.

Erich Wegscheider massaging and napping.

Basically What I Did On Thursday & Friday

Totals: 403.7 miles; 23:52:24; 29,646 vertical feet; 16.9 average speed

Being that I make such intelligent, well thought out decisions, I decided to compete in my first triathlon since May in the same week.

In short, the Santa Cruz International was a one-speed kind of day. I got through the swim, felt like a train trying to get up to speed – but never successfully did – on the bike, and cruised the run, because West Cliff is a pretty place to run. The following photos are of me being my awkward self: