All that stands between me and an off season is Age Group Nationals. I’ve had a great season thus far and I’m really excited to try to end the year with a bang! Plain and simple, the plan is to leave it all on the course… as is the case with any race, but especially this one.

I depart for Tuscaloosa Thursday morning and will be in town by the early afternoon. Then it’s the usual packet pick-up, bike check, and the similar. One aspect of the race that I’m especially looking forward to is the warmth. Racing with numb feet for half the run is only so much fun. With a water temperature of 84ยบ, I’m sure that’s a good indicator of what to expect race day.
Other than that, I’ve had a busy schedule lately, which is a nice change of pace. However, with an off season looming, I’m sure I’ll be searching for something to do very quickly. Hopefully that search won’t entail employment, because that goes against my adopted mantra from my friend, Ryan Power: “Pursing athletic excellence to avoid a real job.”