Interviews are fun. They’re opportunities for one-on-one, no holds barred, complete transparency, questioning and answering. That is, unless you’re Lance Armstrong – hehe. Since very rarely am I contacted for an interview, I decided to take some initiative and interview myself. Presumably, such a post would end up being quite abstract. However, with the Escape from Alcatraz right around the corner, there’s direction. Hopefully I can stay away from all the cliche athlete interview answers.Since you probably already know me, introductions are not necessary. If you don’t, the About me section will give a vague insight to what I’m all about.

Erich: You raced the Escape from Alcatraz in 2011. Tell us about how that day played out.

Erich: Well… that was… an interesting race day. My performance was no where near expectation. Then again, given the morning – alarm didn’t go off,  car was valeted off-site, breakfast consisted of an energy bar on the ferry, and being, literally, the last person on the bus from transition – the result wasn’t all that surprising.

Erich: Sounds like you had a good night?

Erich: Yeah, it was a good night. Like something out of The Hangover, minus facial tattoos. Or nothing like that.

Erich: What are you doing differently this year that’s going to better prepare you for this year’s event?

Erich: I felt like I had good fitness going into the 2011 event and am happy with where my fitness levels are now. Given that the race has been bumped up three months, “base training” was a convoluted mix of speed and endurance, but really, the key to a better performance is having an alarm go off when it’s supposed to and eating a proper breakfast; I’m ready.

Erich: Okay, assuming the alarm goes off and you have a leisurely race morning, what’s the key to a good performance?

Erich: A good swim. It’s a swimmer’s race, no doubt, but if I play the current right and maintain contact, I’ll be in good position. While I’ve swam no where near my January 2012 yardage, for that drop in quantity, there’s been a bigger increase in quality. I like where my swim is currently at. Nevertheless, there’s work to do.

Erich: Onto the bike. Any changes in your preparation there? In general?

Erich: The bike set-up will be the same; SuperSix; Rolf Prima TdF 58 SLs; except for this lightweight, La-Z-Boy-esque addition from Dash Cycles:

The Strike.9 In All Its Glory

As for training, I’m definitely a stronger rider than in years’ past – funny how things work when you incorporate more intervals. Between lunch rides with the Specialized crew and exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains more (201.5 miles and 20,523 feet of climbing over 3 consecutive Saturdays), I’m ready to take on the hills of SF.

Erich: How are you feeling about your run?

Erich: Really good. My mileage might appear underwhelming, however, when considering quality, it’s been really solid and I’m happy with my progress. Preparing for Baker Beach and the infamous Sand Ladder is another story, but I’m looking forward to it.

Erich: What are your thoughts on the potential race-day conditions?

Erich: My guess is that it’s going to be cold! There’s a reason I usually open my season somewhere warm (Hawaii and the U.A.E. the past two seasons), but this is my favorite race stateside. The Bay is going to be cold no matter the time of year. Though, standing outside the ferry’s railing gets your adrenaline going, so the water probably won’t feel that bad. In all likelihood, I’ll sport the Kejano K-ampione 1.2 TRI Long-Sleeve, which I just so happen to be wearing.

Erich: You finally posted a schedule. Or half of one? It seems rather uncertain between May and August.

Erich: You are correct. I really don’t know what I’ll race in that time frame. I’m not sure what time I’ll be able to commit to training as the year progresses. Regardless, I will continue on with training and racing. Otherwise, I’d be a mess trying to adapt to a normal person diet.

Also, I’m gonna get dirty and dive into a few Xterras between Alcatraz and Wildflower. That circuit has always had big appeal, so I decided to finally jump at the opportunity.

Erich: Regarding your last post and the promise to reveal the Berry Beet Kale Smoothie recipe, are you disappointed you didn’t get enough comments?

Erich: Their loss, not mine – wouldn’t be hard to guess the ingredients anyways. It’s funny though, less than 1% of the all the people that viewed it, commented. I’ve been busy, err, “busy” isn’t the right word, concocting new smoothies and I have to admit, my Spinach Pumpkin Pie and Ginger Tea Smoothies are flippin’ amazing! Off topic, but relating to food, Maple Almond Butter is on the horizon. Justin’s Nut Butter ain’t got nothing on my nut butter!

Erich: Are you at all concerned about what people will think of you posting an interview of you interviewing yourself?
Erich: No. Just having fun and breaking the mold of how blogs are written. I don’t take myself that seriously; I just like to run around in a swimsuit and make smoothies.