I recently received a couple pairs of shoes from Avia to try out and since it’s quite expensive and time consuming to try all the shoes on the market, I decided to save you time and review them. You’re welcome.

I should also note that I am not sponsored by Avia, so the following is my inner-most thoughts of the Avi-Bolt III and Avi-Quest. Then again, I’ve never promoted a product or brand that I didn’t believe in and use regularly. So, when I say that I use my Trigger Point Performance Therapy Ultimate 6 Kit religiously, I actually do. A massage at my convenience and with the cost of gas, who can afford to drive to the massage office and still afford groceries? Not me.

Avia Avi-Quest


The white shoe pictured above is the Avi-Quest. For a shoe that’s geared for long runs and stability, its performance is surprising. I’ve always stayed away from “training” shoes, because they usually feel cumbersome and don’t provide a good feel for the road. Not these. Both on road and off, they were a joy to run in. For one of my runs in them, I ventured into the hills behind my house and they climbed as well as one of my mid-weight racing shoes, however, these were much more stable over the rough terrain. Back on the tarmac, they accelerate well and cushion better than anything I’ve run in yet. If it weren’t for all the climbing and descending, my legs would have felt fresh – my feet did. As for negatives, I don’t have any. The Avi-Quest is an all-around great training shoe.

The orange and black shoe is the Avi-Bolt III, Avia’s race shoe. I did a couple of brick runs in them and a track workout and again, I’m happy with their performance. As I mentioned before, I’m accustomed to training in a lighter shoe, so I felt right at home in these. Despite it being a ‘race shoe’ it’s still quite stable, which I appreciate as I have the tendency to pronate on occasion. Getting into the shoe is a snap with the two over-sized tabs, but I’m not crazy about the provided quick laces – I’d rather have something along the lines of an elastic lace. Lastly, it vents well, both from the top and bottom, but not so well from the bottom that the shoe will absorb water when running over a damp surface. It’d also be nice if they made more color options. Orange and black doesn’t quite go with my race kit, but the shoe definitely performs well, so I might have to overlook the aesthetic aspect.

Red and White, Orange and Black? Hmm…