It’s been awhile since I’ve lasted competed in a triathlon. There was the Splash & Dash, but I viewed that as more of a workout. The Silicon Valley International is this weekend and I can’t wait to line up and see how much my fitness has been improving.

From a week to week standpoint, I feel that I can only gauge my fitness so well. I know I feel stronger in the water, but feeling stronger and actually swimming better are two different things. The same goes for my training on the bike and run. I’m consistently at the top of hardest climb with the leaders on Wednesdays and I still believe there is a perpetual tailwind accompanying me at the track.

As much as I love to train, I love to race more – that’s saying a lot, because I am genuinely excited to get my butt kicked at masters each morning. There’s always some race jitters and expectations, but that’s a part of it that I thoroughly enjoy. It’s kind of like midterms and finals, but instead of dreading them (like I probably did in school), I count down the days!

The Silicon Valley International serves as a benchmark for how things have been progressing. This will be my third time racing the event, so having some experience on the course will surely come in handy. I have to admit that I’m not looking forward to the swim portion. The water is down right disgusting! After finishing the swim, I will have tasted at least 7 different kinds of bird poop. Swimming backstroke would probably be the best way to avoid getting water in my mouth, but sighting may then prove to be difficult. It’s a thought though…

From now until race day, I’ll stay off my feet as much as possible, but the pantry beckons for food and my family has been buying way too many plants and trees that need planting. I’ll try to contribute, but the contribution rate will be low. Oh yeah, just for fun, below is a race photo from the first Splash & Dash. Next time, I’ll race in just a speedo.