The people have spoken, well 3 people anyways, and they want to know how to make my Berry Beet Kale Smoothie. As its name implies, it’s a rather simple smoothie. However, the trifecta of berries, beets, and kale make it a tour de force of goodness and nutrients.I will avoid being like practically every other food blogger out there, who write a ton of non-sense about their feelings, the weather, and so on, before finally revealing the recipe at the very bottom. I value your time. So, without further ado…Buy this stuff:

Berry Beet Kale Smoothie ingredients.

Canned Beets, Kale, Frozen Berries, Honey, Vanilla Extract, & Ground Flaxseed

Dump half of the Canned Beets and add Water, so there’s 1 1/4-cup of liquid in the blender:

After Dumping Contents, It Should Look Like This

Scoop up a tablespoon of Ground Flaxseed and let liquid and solid get acquainted:

Fiber & Omega 3’s! Booyah!

Encourage the building of sexy muscles by adding protein powder:

About To Add Hemp Protein; Vega Sport Performance Protein (Vanilla) Is Nom Nom Too

Shred apart Kale leaves from stems. Collect about a cup of that stuff:

Stems Don’t Blend Well

Add a teaspoon of Vanilla Extract, then drizzle about a tablespoon of Honey on everything:

Photographing While Drizzling Is Not Very Precise

Scoop up a generous half-cup of Frozen Berries:

Frozen Stuff!

Blend for a minute – my blender has a smoothie setting – and voilĂ :

Berry Beet Kale Smoothie.


Why Canned Beets?

  • I’ve tried this smoothie with roasted beets, but have grown partial to using the canned version out of convenience. Upon finishing a workout, I’d rather not wait 45 to 60′ for a beet to roast. Or put that much thought or effort into smoothie planning.

Why Vanilla Extract?

  • Berries and Vanilla work well together. On my palate anyways.

Why Honey?

  • It seems to mellow the beet flavor ever so slightly; I love beets, but I know a lot of people don’t share the same love for that purple (or sometimes golden) vegetable.