I was motor-pacing earlier today and since I rode without my watch – I’m trying to diminish my watch tan – I was unaware of our speed. After discussing how one of the runs felt, my coach mentioned we were going 30 mph. My first thought was, “That’s essentially how fast the peloton travels in the Tour de France.” Of course we could go faster, but we’re building back up now that I’ve shaken my cold. After finishing up, I asked what’s the fastest he’s motor-paced someone.

47 mph!

That athlete was a world-class professional, who was an absolute beast on the bike (and in the water)! Obviously it took some time to build up to that level of intensity, though. I hope to be motor-pacing at that level one day.

Before I get to motor-pace at such high speeds, I need to learn how to swim. I have a feeling I’ll have a very defined speedo tan with all the time I’ll be logging in the water. Simply put, if I want to compete at the next level, I need to learn how to pull A LOT of water! Until I can do that, I have no reason to talk about the next level.

Swim emphasis starts now.