I’ve been getting back into the swing of things for the last 3 or 4 weeks now and outside of training, things couldn’t be more dull. The holiday season is one thing to look forward to though. Speaking of the holiday season, I kind of view the idea of teaming up with new sponsors to be like the lead up to Christmas. You know, you make a list, behave your best (or just be yourself), and send the wish-list off hoping to get what you want.

Now that I think about it, the idea of writing ‘Santa’ is quite similar to writing the company (or companies) of your choosing – mainly because companies usually get back to athletes around Christmas time. Also, because¬†thousands upon thousands of wish-lists are mailed to the North Pole and an equal number of requests are mailed to the marketing departments of companies.¬†Additionally, you are basically saying “I want what you can give me.” Of course, it doesn’t work like that, nor should it. Entrusting an athlete to represent a brand is a big deal and comes with big expectations.

If you haven’t put it all together yet, 2011 sponsorships are on my mind. I’m trying my best to be ever so patient as the big day approaches. Unlike Christmas, where gifts are always opened on the 25th, companies get back to athletes once the resumes and budget is figured out. That could be before Christmas or it could be as late as February.

In the mean time, I wait with the ideas of wheels, bikes, shoes, helmets, glasses, and etc. bouncing through my head.