No matter how talented an athlete you are, you’re bound to have days where you just don’t have it.  Most often, those days are training days. The causes for such performances are not for a lack of effort. It could be due to one of several internal or external factors; poor sleep, tired legs, the wind, imperfect nutrition, a restless mind, and the excuses go on and on.

If you continually ‘smash’ or ‘dominate’ every workout session, you should stop reading this post. You’ll lack interest and/or be unable to be empathic. You’re also insecure.

I made my second trip up to Berkeley this past weekend to ride with elite triathlete, Brice Winkler. When I went up the weekend before last, everything was fine and it was a great day to be on the bike. This last Saturday on the other-hand, I couldn’t hold his wheel if my life depended on it. Just like the week prior, it was all about base miles; high cadence, low gear, and enjoying the day. I didn’t feel particularly tired, in fact, my legs felt good. Yet on every flat and on every climb, I got dropped. It was just one of those days.

On the last climb of the day heading back into Berkeley, I felt like a dropped domestique. As I climbed, several cars zoomed past me. Some of the cars coincidentally had bikes or racks atop their roofs, so it was like all the team cars were going on without me. Fortunately, I was able to pass a rider who looked like he was pregnant with twins. No offense intended, but I am significantly lighter in comparison. That, and there’s the power to weight ratio in my favor.

Neither of us feel all that fit right now, nor do we want to. Being the January National Champion rarely gets you very far in the summer months. At least the day ended as all good days should end; with an awesome dessert of course!