Sometimes I leave a race slightly perplexed. Sunday was one of those races.
Thank You, Mother. Your Timing Is Impeccable

To address the conditions, yes, the water was cold (11º); yes, the water was choppy; and yes, it was rather windy, but 1,580 athletes faced and finished in those very conditions. I’m going to pretend I’m a teacher issuing report cards and will therefor grade my performance. No playing favorites here.

Pre-Race: A+

Woke up on time, ate a good breakfast, and had time to set your shoes and race-belt just so. Well done.

Swim: D

Did you forget how to swim? Seriously? Did you? You have an easier time getting in a really cold body of water – compared to the likes of a hot tub – so I doubt the temperature affected you that much. You swam the pool mile two weeks ago and held the exact same pace, which was respectable, through the 500, 1,000, and 1,500. Therefor, you have swim strength. Yes, it was choppy, but it’s still just about pulling water. You must have swum fist drill the entire time.

Lady Got Confused Which Side Of The Cones She Was To Stand

T1: C

Overall, decent effort. However, how long does it take to put on a helmet? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, given the water temperature.

Bike: D

All that time climbing and doing intervals really worked out well for you, huh? From forming breakaways on the Lunch Ride to bringing in the rear of the pro field. You were showing promise. What happened? Heck, in our “quizzes,” we’ve established that your FTP is the highest it’s ever been.

It Only Looks Like I Was Going Fast. Nice Try, Rama!

T2: B

For the most part, well executed. Again, the helmet strap got you. And those elastic laces! That was comical! Trying to pull them tight and failing so badly! Okay, I’ll stop…

Run: B-

Run split was the 18th fastest of the day. Not bad, but probably not quite up to expectation? Again, our “quizzes” (i.e. 20″ run test-sets) have led me to believe you were capable of running much faster – even with some sand and stairs.

Overall: C-

Your GPA for the Escape from Alcatraz is 2.33, giving you a C- on my grade sheet. It’s very early in the term, but you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Teacher’s Note:

Don’t be down on yourself. You know you can compete at the top level and those performances will come. You did excel in one discipline in particular though! Me, your mother, and scores of spectathletes unanimously decided you won the Best Dressed award! Thanks to Kejano, of course. Instead of people yelling, “Go go go!” they yelled, “Nice kit! [wink]” So, it’s somewhat understandable to why you didn’t go faster – no one was telling you to. Agrees & Provided Proof That I Was Best Dressed

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