This past weekend, I did not run around in the usual… just kidding! Of course I did. A Saturday and/or Sunday without a bike ride would feel down right wrong. I mean, that’s what weekends are for right? Going on long rides to avoid doing things around the house and creating unnecessarily large caloric deficits. Yeah.Anyways, I’m back in the states and have been for a couple of weeks. While I’ve been consistent with training, I honestly haven’t a clue to what the rest of my season will look like or if I will even race again. However, I am listed on the start-list for an event here and there, but have some reservations.

Looking back at my time spent racing in Europe, I have to admit that it was bittersweet. Visiting family, friends, and traveling about was terrific! On the other hand, all that travel posed problematic in regards to consistent training. While I did manage a few personal-bests along the way, I never put together a complete race. With that, I obviously did not collect enough points for either championship race I vocalized my desire to qualify for. I knew qualifying would be tough and I’m happy to say I gave it a go. Perhaps next season.

As with any trip, I felt I grew as a person – not physically, 190 cm is tall enough – and came home with many meaningful memories. In no particular order, here are just a few memories I’d like to share:

  • Eating all the dishes that my father was particularly fond of in his hometown in Austria.
  • The post-race massage from the strikingly beautiful girl in St. Pölten. Though, I can’t actually remember what she looks like. Shame.
  • The reactions of a few Germans when I showed them this video.
  • Making friends on the London tube will all my luggage.
  • Having people come up to me at races excitedly speaking German, because my last name is very Germanic, and then realizing I don’t speak German and am an American. Traurig (sorry).
  • Speaking the wrong language to people, because I forgot what country I was in.

And now for some photographs:

My Uncle & Me At An Alpine Gasthaus
The View From The Penkenbahn Gondola
Nice Place To Socialize
I Call It, “Arching Stones”
One Of My Father’s Favorites; Gröstl
The Beauty Of The Zillertal Valley
Ooh, A Flower! I’m Artsy
Charming English Village
Tewkesbury Abbey
Fun Lines At The Natural History Museum – London
Former World #1, Novak Djokovic, On Centre Court – Wimbledon
London Bridge
18th Green At Royal Lytham & St. Annes – The Open Championship
The London Eye
House of Parliament & The Iconic Big Ben