Remember my experiment of whether or not kinesio tape is fashionable? Well, the answer will have to wait for another time. It wasn’t the warmest couple of days when I had the tape on, so I wore a jacket… which covered the tape. Damn, weather.

Besides the failed experiment – which really has nothing to do anything – it’s almost time to race again! That’s fantastic news considering I’ve come off this rest week with a little too much energy. At yesterday’s track session, I felt as if I had a tail-wind blowing me around the track – which is obviously impossible due to the nature of a track. While that sounds great, my coach wants me completing each lap between a given number of seconds. It’s not like the faster times are detrimental to my future performances, but if it’s still time to hold back, then it’s time to hold back.

Fortunately, the first Splash & Dash is tomorrow and then the Silicon Valley International is the Sunday after next. The Splash & Dash is a local race series consisting of a 1500 m swim and 5 km run. It will serve as a great opportunity to get some open water swimming in and of course, to run like the wind is actually pushing me along. I’ll write something about how the race went on Friday.

Hopefully I’ll save enough energy for the race tomorrow, being that the Wednesday Nighter is tonight. One of these days, I’ll break away from the group and stay away. A tail-wind would definitely help.