Feeling a burn from a high intensity effort in January sounds as awful as it actually is. However, it serves as a nice dose of motivation as the race season draws closer and closer, albeit, slowly. Threshold Racing decided to mix things up in the winter months and introduced the Pre-Season Burn Series. If you’re a local in the Bay Area and want to get a little taste of competition again, then this is your race.

The event consists of a 200-yard pool swim, a 10k bike on a Wattbike, and a 1.5-mile run around the campus of the College of San Mateo. So, it’s essentially an all-out sprint. My favorite part is the bike segment. The race is broken into heats, so everyone has their own lane and bike. That allowed us to bring our own pedals and bike shoes and dial in our position with whatever time we had. The bike gives you your standard wattage info, but what really sets it apart is the real-time graph of your pedal stroke efficiency (see chart below).

For the day, I did as well as I could given my level of fitness – which isn’t very high, thankfully. It’s really fun trying to run fast after spending the last couple of months in the gym building leg strength. Looking forward to the next event though.