Getting Going In Bali

I’ve been in Bali ~2.5 weeks now. In that time, I’ve mastered non-defensive scootering on the left side of the road, choosing entrees that contain the least amount of sustenance, and creating artsy-looking sweat spots on t-shirts. Sounds like it’s all fun and games, huh? Well, that’s pretty much the truth.

Since settling in Ubud, I’ve focused on figuring out how to build fitness and how to get a few businesses up and running.

So far I don’t really have anything to show for either. However, I do have a neat collection of Instagram photos:

Training has been interesting, because Bali is not a destination for endurance sports in the slightest notion. That’s not to say I don’t like it here; the food is amazing, the said amazing food is cheap, the countryside is gorgeous, and an orchestra of jungle and/or rice terrace critters lull me to sleep each and every night.

When the sun is shining, which it always seems to be doing, it’s hot. It’s also sticky. Such conditions aren’t terrible to train in, but throw in swarms of scooters, mini truck-like vehicles, bumpy roads, and territorial dogs and you’ve basically got chaos. I’ve ridden four times thus far and have left before civil twilight on all four occasions – attempting to beat the heat and traffic. While I’ve more or less successfully beaten both, I’m no match for the roads; darkness only conceals the pits that lie ahead.

It’s not that the roads are that bad. It’s just that they’re similar to bike paths – in width – and inexplicably host two-way traffic. Long story short, I’m going to buy a trainer. Woo-hoo! Should have brought my trainer.

Basic runs are pretty awesome, beside being chased by each village’s alpha dog, but I’m beginning to stand my ground and teach them english – “No!” So far, so good. Rice fields make for much better runs. They’re peaceful and zen-like, but I’ve been told I need to keep an eye out for snakes. Actually, I met a juvenile White-Lipped Green Pit-Viper the other night. The term “viper” makes a snake sound so much more threatening.

White-Lipped Green Pit-Viper Bali

Must Not Give My Into Propensity Of Picking Up Snakes

As for business stuff, I took last Monday “off” and went scuba-diving in Tulamben at the USS Liberty Shipwreck and The Wall (see video below) with former SVTC peeps Alan and Danielle. To prove I’m not completely and utterly lazy or only workout-centric, I did business-like stuff at the co-working space past 6 pm one evening! I realize that’s quite normal if you’re in Silicon Valley.

Though, there is one thing I wish was different about an alarming number of people here; that they wear deodorant. Often times, this happens: an anti-deodorant- or deodorant-less guy walks by and every guy subtly checks their own armpits to ensure that that acrid waft of death wasn’t produced by their own sweaty pits. Dove Men+Care for the win!

To conclude, a zen monkey and me wearing a sarong…