It’s been a long time coming, but my first ‘race week’ of 2011 is here! In a couple days, I’ll be flying out to the big island to see what happens when I try to swim, bike, and run in immediate succession. It’ll will also be my pro debut. Fun.

In all honesty, I’m ecstatic just to be racing in Hawaii. With 27º C water and a similar air temperature, there’s no need for neoprene caps and toe warmers. Sure, it could be windy – we do ride on the Queen K – but as everyone knows, a warm wind is at least 30 times better than a cold wind.
As with every race, I have a strategy in mind. For Lavaman Waikoloa, I am hoping to draft off a pod of dolphins (who will also serve as swim course guides), fly down the Queen K courtesy of a tailwind both directions (crazy, trade winds), and run to the finish as fast as possible (so I can claim the best chaise lounge for the afternoon). Simple as that.
Of course, things might not happen exactly as I described. For instance, I could get stuck behind a sea turtle. Fortunately, they can cruise comfortably between 1.9 and 2.8 meters/second (roughly 52 seconds per 100 meters). Impressive, huh? 
“Follow me to your fastest 1500m” – Mr. C Turtle
You might be wondering how I knew how fast sea turtles swam. Discovery Channel? No. Extensive research? Perhaps, but no. Yahoo! Answers? Duh! And don’t you dare dispute their user submitted answers that are voted on by their peers.