I have a love/hate relationship with pools. That’s nothing new, remember my post about them from Spain? Anyways, they’re abundant, yet so limited at the same time. There are several programs with which I can swim with, but the hours aren’t always convenient.

Since I started swimming with a masters program, I haven’t had any issues. However, when I have a short swim scheduled, that’s where everything starts falling apart. Where to go? What are the hours? What’s the entry fee? Do I have to circle with you!?! Fun Noodles don’t belong in the fast lane! Aqua-jogging in the middle of the lane? C’mon! and so on…

Swimming at Santa Clara at 5:30 was out of the question since I had a track session scheduled at 6:15. I had planned on swimming at the Community Center pool where the track is, but they charge $7 for drop-in swimmers. Hmm, 40 minutes of swimming for $7? No thanks. Call me a cheapskate, but that isn’t worth it. I then drove to Santa Clara to see if I could squeeze in, but no, the kids were taking the pool as soon as masters got out. I asked about the other pool where they hold a masters program, but same story. Bleh.

Then I drove over to the pool where I used to swim before Santa Clara, but then I remembered that they’re taking their annual break. Super. Regardless, it was an off hour and I would have been sneaking in.

So, I went home, took a nap, and had a cantaloupe smoothie when I woke up. It was good. Really good, actually.

This is not the actual smoothie I had – I drink straight from the blender.