For those of you who work with a coach, do you eagerly wait for next week’s training schedule to be in your inbox? I do. Sunday usually calls for a long run and being that waking up at 7 is considered “sleeping in,” my day is done shortly after it began. I then pass the time recovering, i.e. sitting on my ass, until I find out that I (essentially) get to do it all over again. It may seem circular, but I look forward to training every day. Life is good.

Staying motivated for an entire season can be tough. For instance, I found it particularly difficult to stay focused racing into November the past two years – my mind was desperately calling for a break. This year, my motivation has snowballed. I believe that’s because of two things: not racing into November and a little something called Muddy Love. 

I have two more races on my schedule and September 25th is the day I care about the most; I also want it to be over the fastest. It’s not that I’m dreading it, because the faster I get through it, the greater likelihood I had a really fast day! A fast day at Nationals would make me very happy. So, being more strategic about my race schedule has helped keep my interest peaked.

The second reason for my late season zest is the Muddy Love. Since the last week in February, I’ve been working with Muddy Waters. Arguably, the best coach in the business! I feel very fortunate to be working with him because he instills so much confidence in his athletes. Hence, the Muddy Love treatment. I see him few several times a week for workouts and that alone, keeps me motivated to get that much faster and stronger. It’s a process, but I know I’m in the best hands.

Before I know it, September will be here, and it’ll be time for race that I’ve been working towards the entire year. Then it will be over, I’ll map something out for next year, and I’ll eagerly await to race again.