Remember the game Oregon Trail? It was pretty awesome for its day and kept me entertained for a bit when I was younger. Nowadays, rather than playing the game, I hit the road and live it!

I venture back to Oregon a few times a year and being that I tote my bike back and forth, I drive. Flying would be wonderful, but tickets can be questionably expensive and then there’s dealing with the bike. Taking a train is something that recently came to my attention and is of great interest – it’d be an overnight train – but it’s not practical for this trip, since I won’t just be in Eugene. Instead, I suffer in the car.

Driving 8 – 9 hours is probably like going on a modern day wagon expedition, especially in my car. For instance, I’d imagine that your butt would go numb sitting on a wooden wagon bench. Well, my right buttock goes numb every time I drive longer than 45 minutes. Then, I’d assume that the wagon in motion isn’t exactly quiet – wooden wheels and all. Well, my car is quite loud at freeway speeds and that’s where 99% of the drive takes place. What about losing an ox? I worry about the same thing, only in the form of how much fuel it wants and will my car keeping running strong and get me over the Cascades?

My car isn’t as dilapidated as I’m making it out to be, but it’s still far from perfect. However, it is just as uncomfortable to drive as I’m making it out to be.

Fun fact: my bike frames alone (separately), are worth more than my car…

Hopefully, new compression tights, black tea, a few new albums on my ipod, and a 5-hour Energy will make the time pass by a bit faster. Or maybe I’ll die of dysentery.

Game over.