Since pictures are more interesting than words, I present to you a different kind of race report; a picture report. There will be some words, but those will mostly appear in the form of necessary captions.

Looking like a lost little boy prior to the swim start.
Official Blue Seventy Helix Zip-Up Zone.
Since sardines used to be big business in neighboring Monterey, we gave them a tribute by squeezing under the swim start arch.
We heard a horn, which startled us, so we bolted for the water.
Frantically trying to reach the security of the kelp.
All by myself. Am I ahead or behind? We’ll see…
Ahead? Behind? Otters?
I paired up with Kenny on the bike.
Actually, I think it’s more fair to say that Kenny paired up with me.
We rode several loops, stood up, sat down, drank drinks, and indulged on gels.
About to hit the run course, before I was told to grab my race belt.
I ran, got some sun, and looked cool doing it.
Terry Davis and I battling it out to the line. I think he let me win.
Big thanks to my wonderful host family! We enjoyed many chocolate chip cookies.

In conclusion, I had a so-so race and finished 17th.

This picture post would not have been possible without the photos courtesy of Joanne L. Wegscheider Photography. Race photos are expensive. Seriously, who pays that much for race photos?