After a lovely vacation on several of the Virgin Islands, I’m back home and back to work. While each workout I do has a specific purpose, the real work will be upon me soon. Thus far, I’ve focused primarily on building my base and of course, fitness. Speed work has been in the mix, but it hasn’t been that prominent – just a couple of sessions a week. With summer just around the corner and September getting closer and closer, my workout volume and intensity will be going up!

I haven’t really raced through a summer since 2008 and any events I raced that summer weren’t terribly warm. Being that Coeur d’Alene was my focus last year, I did very little in the following warmer months. I was also in Oregon then; so I really haven’t spent much time training and racing in heat. That ought to change this summer since I’ll have a big training block coincide with the hottest months of the year.

This will be my first summer training in California and from my brief trips home in years past, I’m sure I’ll be a better athlete in heat than I’ve ever been. In the past, I’ve struggled a bit with heat, but I feel much more confident about my ability to handle heat after St. Croix. Nutrition had always been troubling for me, but since acquiring a pantry of PowerBar products, I have all the items I need to keep hydrated and fueled for any event; St. Croix was a win for me in terms of nutrition.

Right now, it’s been kind of chilly here in San Jose. Well, it’s not quite chilly being that it’s in the high 60’s, low 70’s, but after acclimating to the weather in the Caribbean, I suppose most anywhere will seem slightly colder.