In most professional sports, after a team’s respective season is over, the injury reports are made public. No more vague references, such as: a lower body injury, you get the detailed report. With that being said, it’s time to make my injuries known as well.

I have been training and racing (and blogging) for the greater part of the season with an intermediate phalangeal fracture in the index and middle finger of my right hand. Based on the location of the injury, no specific treatment would have promised a fast recovery, so I carried about my business. Swimming was probably the most affected. Have you ever struck someone else’s hand who was swimming in a neighboring lane? It’s not fun – hand fractures in general are not fun. So, if we’ve shaken hands in the last couple of months and you saw me wincing, it’s not because your handshake is too strong. It’s just that my hand had been very slow to heal… and maybe your handshake was in fact, too strong.

Cycling was affected to a degree, but it was nothing significant. I just came to dislike sudden stops a bit more.

At this point, you might be wondering how I went about fracturing two phalanges. Great question! Let’s just say, it’s wise to keep your hand away from a bike wheel while it’s in motion. No, I wasn’t riding. I was cleaning and tuning and somewhere in the process, stopped paying attention to the whereabouts of my hand. Simple as that; stupid as that.

As I continue winding down my workouts towards a definite break, I am confident that my hand will heal and that I’ll be able to withstand even the firmest of handshakes. Seriously though, some people take the handshake thing a bit too far – I won’t respect you more for trying to crush my hand.