Pre Leadville Trail 100 MTB

Even while living in Bali, I dreamt of toeing the line at the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike and Run. I realize how ridiculous that sounds, because I had more beautiful beaches than I knew what to do with. However, mountains have a pull on me and my priorities may be questionable.

It’s less than 48-hours from the start of the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race and I’m raring and ready to go! Definitely more so than when I jumped into the Leadville Trail Marathon, which was basically a slap in the face. I’ve given myself much more time to acclimate to the elevation and am not coming from a ridiculously hot and humid climate this time around.

In regards to race itself, I’ve ridden 100+ miles on a mountain bike once before. That was Stage 6 of the Mongolia Bike Challenge. To this day, that’s likely the toughest day I’ve ever experienced on a bike. The profile wasn’t particularly daunting, but the 50.6 mile (81.4 km) climb/false flat over rough terrain really tested me mentally (see video below).

With such a day under my belt, I feel good about tackling 100 miles in the Rockies. I know it’ll be a long day and I’ll surpass my previous saddle time record of 7:02, but it’ll be worth the belt buckle. Even though I don’t wear a belt.

The beauty of Breckenridge: