Being that whatever training I have scheduled only takes an hour or two to complete, I have far too much time on my hands. Sometimes my downtime efforts are constructive, like when I take a nap. The rest of the time I’m flipping through websites, most of which are triathlon related, or playing Wii or seeing what Netflix instant has to offer. Then I get hungry and that’s always a highlight of the day. These are the affects of being back in San Jose…
If there’s been one benefit to sifting through triathlon websites, amongst others, it’s that I’ve put together my tentative race schedule for 2011. Several dates for key races have yet to be released, so I’ll tease you with my first three tentative events:
Rev3 Costa Rica (half); February 20th
Miami International Triathlon; March 13th
Lavaman Waikoloa; April 3rd
While I have yet to register for any of the events listed, Costa Rica is for sure. It’ll be nice heading to a warm destination to kick-off the year. Winters here aren’t that bad, but they sure aren’t as nice as Costa Rica. On the general topic of winter training, I’ll also be heading to a camp in Tucson sometime between January and February. If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll get you the camp info as it becomes available.