I last raced on July 9th and as my schedule reads, I won’t be competing again until August 21st. That’s a sizable gap between races, but in all honesty, I don’t mind. It’s given me an opportunity to unsparingly analyze different aspects of my nutrition and training, that I would not be able to address had I raced every other weekend.

Being that I’ve had a few weeks to play around now, I’m pleased with how things are coming along. Yeah, that’s a vague answer, but I assure you, the vagueness is more interesting than detailing the actual changes. However, I will admit that I now run in compression sleeves and love them! SLS3 is a new sponsor and I look forward to working with the premier compression apparel company.

My favorite SLS3 product, their compression sleeves

Besides triathlon related matters, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research for my off-season vacation. This year, I’m planning a several week trek in Nepal. You know, hang out with sherpas, look at the highest mountains in the world, and to see how my fitness feels at 20,000+ ft.

My likely porter