It doesn’t seem like races come around too much locally, so when I got wind that there would be two races on consecutive days with prize money, I jumped at the opportunity. After all, I hadn’t raced in 5 weeks. First up was the sprint distance event, which also happened to be my second sprint ever; the first sprint I competed in was my first ever triathlon.

The race went by quickly; brief swim, two loops on the bike, and an out-and-back 5k along the coast. That’s about as much as I remember about the race. My sincerely apologies if you were hoping for more. I finished 5th (out of 5 male professionals) and out of the money.

On the bright side, I bought a hard-shell jacket for my Himalayan trek/climb, which also happened to be on sale! The savings alone made the triathlon worth all the while.

The international distance event on Sunday was like deja vu. Exact same professional field, same dense fog, same 13.5ยบ water, and naturally, the same course times two. Much like the sprint swim, I swam alone and wondered why I brought tinted, mirrored goggles as they weren’t the most ideal choice given the conditions.

The pro field

As for the bike, I rode well, but could feel some residual fatigue from the previous day’s effort.

Absolutely love my Cannondale Slice and Rolf Prima wheels!

Starting the run, I knew my legs had one speed and it wasn’t “top speed.” I treated the run like my typical Sunday tempo run, so it was like any other Sunday morning, except I wouldn’t have my pantry to raid immediately afterwards.

Race belts are annoying

On the way in, I spotted a girl wearing an Oregon sweatshirt and thought to myself, “What would Pre do if he saw her repping an Oregon sweatshirt?” I then thought that Pre would be running so hard his shoes would be falling apart. Then I realized I wasn’t running that hard and flash the ‘O’ with my hands. Pre probably wouldn’t have done that. Go Ducks.

The standings for the international event were identical to the sprint, although, there may have been penalties mixing up the top three. Once again though, 5th and out of the money.

On the bright side, I went to Patagonia with my mom and bought a fleece jacket. Yes, it was on sale if you were wondering. And since I didn’t have my pantry to raid, my mom and I got a breakfast burrito, peach scone, and a Mexican chocolate scone, which had a big identity crisis. It’s like a wanna-be cookie-scone-bread. Make up your mind, Mexican chocolate scone.

All in all, I got in four speed workouts this week and am feeling pretty good, albeit, a little fatigued.