I bid adieu to the plates of sugary foods, greasy burgers, and just because slices of cake. The workout schedule is back and its quest to get involved in nearly every aspect of my life is complete. That means back to good food, plenty of rest, and quality time spent outdoors. Actually, I never really deviated from my normal eating habits… except I had one of Lava Java’s cinnamon rolls and a few desserts at the K-Swiss after-party in Kona. Yum!

As with the start of any training, my motivation is high, and I eagerly await the start line of some form of competition. Then there’s also the opportunities for cross-training. I really want to get a mountain bike, a 29’er in particular. Life Cycle Bike Shop is letting me take out one of their demo bikes tomorrow and my want¬†for such a bike will likely turn into a need. No matter how you look at it, mountain biking is great cross-training; high cadence, lower heart-rate, a chance to develop better bike handling skills, and best of all, it’s an opportunity to get off the road.
Cannondale Flash 29’er 1
Speaking of cross-training, I actually went into a weight room and used weights. It’s been quite some time since I’ve lifted and even though I wasn’t doing anything rigorous, I walked away very sore. It was almost pathetic considering the amount of weight I was lifting…
My couple of weeks living out of a suitcase are coming to a close, as I’m taking the train home Sunday. I’m not particularly excited about returning to San Jose, because it’s San Jose. However, Muddy is in San Jose and working with him is something I wouldn’t trade anything for.