The first Splash & Dash is in the books and it was exactly what I hoped it’d be; a great workout! It also drew a record crowd, which is fine by me. The more competition, the better. We also got more than we bargained for on the swim, since the 1,500 meters were poorly measured. Actually, “poorly” is a bit of an understatement – I’m not sure what word to use when the swim is ~1,300 meters longer than it should have been.

Regardless of the swim distance, I had a good swim. I’ve made some changes to my swim stroke recently and am feeling more powerful in water. I wish I could have said I was with the lead group, but that group consisted of uber-swimmers. I came out of the water in 8th position and had a lightening fast transition courtesy of my Blue Seventy Helix. Once again, no lubricant necessary. The suit just slides off and makes you feel right at home in the water.

Starting the run, I was in 6th place and it felt like I had that magical tailwind that accompanied me at Tuesday’s track session. I found a good rhythm quickly and was still in 6th position at the turnaround, but was only down a few seconds to the next two athletes. The hills played to my advantage on the way in and I opened up a gap on those behind me. I was making up ground on the top three guys, but there’s only so much ground to be made up in a 5k.

I finished 4th overall and had the day’s fastest run split. I’m quite happy with the result all around. My swim is improving and I’m not even doing a swim emphasis. As for the run, well, it keeps getting better too. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year; there are going to be several PRs.

I’d also like give a big thanks to Swirls Frozen Yogurt for sponsoring me for the Splash & Dash series. My family and I have frequented Swirls for some time now and it’s become our go-to spot for desserts. That’s saying a lot considering our eating habits. I always keep a close eye on limiting excess sugars and I can let my guard down when enjoying one of the daily concoctions. My favorite is the daily dream delight; low calorie, no sugar, and well beyond your expectations in terms of taste. It’s so good! With the summer heat starting to pick up, it’s a given that I’ll be dropping by more often to cool off. Check out Swirls on facebook and become a fan. If you’re in the greater San Jose area, I highly suggest you make a trip to Swirls.