Yesterday was the last installment of the Splash & Dash series. With that, that essentially ends my open water swimming opportunities – every lake or reservoir around here doesn’t permit swimming. Fortunately, I felt that I got a good swim in and am on pace towards becoming a stronger swimmer.

Here’s how the race played out:

I opted to swim in just a speedo to give myself the best workout possible. That decision cost me a few spots to those who had on wetsuits, but at least I got a better sense of my true swim strength. Speaking of that strength, it needs to get A LOT better. Regardless, I swam well and wasn’t too far back from the leaders.

Mentally, my day was done as soon as I set foot on land. The plan was to push the swim and cruise the run. I casually made my way through transition and started the run at a very comfortable pace. The run course is quite hilly, but I managed to pass 4 people by the turn-a-round. Then I passed an additional 3 and found myself within the Top 5 or 6. No one else was terribly close, so I finished either 5th or 6th overall.

So, either people blew up on the run course or my sense of “comfortable” is actually fast.

Afterwards, my coach approached me and said that had he given me the green light to run hard, the race would have been mine. That would have been nice, but I’m racing at the Santa Cruz International on Saturday in the Elite wave. I need to have some snap in my legs to compete with the big boys.

On the way home, it only seemed to appropriate to stop by Swirls for a frozen yogurt. I had Blueberry New York Cheesecake with additional blueberries. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Again, a big thanks is due to Swirls for sponsoring me for the Splash & Dash series! Thank you for your support!