Just like my decision to attend the University of Oregon, I decided to drive up to Oregon for the weekend on a whim. Well, there were some factors, but they’re neither here nor there. Regardless, the prospect of training in Eugene in summer is one I’ll take at any opportunity.

I decided I wanted to go to Oregon Thursday afternoon and left as soon as I could the next morning. All that stood between me and the car was a masters swim and 30 miles on the bike. Like any weekday morning, I was wide awake by 4:30 and in the water by 5:30. After finishing the main set – which included too much fly for my liking – I hit T1 (the locker room) and changed into my bike gear and went out for a spin. As soon as that was done, it was off to T2 (my house) and then back on the road again for the point-to-point run (excessively long car ride).

Sweet pseudo-tri analogy, I know.

I won’t talk about the car ride, because if I elaborated on it, I fear I might forever lose some readers. Actually, one comment about long car rides. Water makes for a poor beverage choice. It doesn’t keep you awake and it makes you have to pee a lot, especially if you’re on top of your hydration.

Anyways, training back where it all began; Eugene, OR. This trip was far more successful than my previous trip in early spring when it rained everyday and the only time I got outside was for a track workout when it was 38ยบ and pouring. A few rain clouds did show themselves, but they didn’t get in the way of my workouts.

On Saturday, I met up with Rob and we went out for a few hours on the bike. Coming from CA, it felt rather nippy, but cold crisp air is another thing I don’t mind as long as I have the proper apparel, which I did. Truth be told, I really miss riding in Eugene! There’s so many great cycling routes within close proximity. If only the weather was better more often…

Sunday called for a long run in the hills and I couldn’t of been happier to have that workout while in town. I did a figure eight loop in the Hendrick’s Park area, ran by Pre’s rock, and overall, felt great for the duration. To make things even better, a warm breakfast was waiting for me once I got back.

Similar to Friday, I had a swim and bike scheduled on Monday, but was in no hurry to get going, although I was awake by 5. I hopped in the pool with the Emerald Aquatics masters program and got in a solid 5k set. After that, I took my time getting on the bike and rode my old bread and butter route for an easy spin. After that, the P3 got some love from Life Cycle Bike Shop and I took my time wandering around town reminiscing.

In the process, I lost track of time, left a bit later than I had planned, and got home somewhere around 1 in the morning. Not the best plan of action with a 6:15 track workout the next morning, but if you follow me on twitter (@ewegsche), you know it wasn’t all that bad.

Who knows how many more spur the moment trips I’ll make back up there to visit friends. I’d like to say a lot, but that’s unlikely due to time constraints. If only there was a high speed railway connecting the west coast…