Upon my arrival, I thought to myself, “Why don’t I race on islands more often?” Everything seems so idyllic – short term memory helps too. For instance, the puddler jumped I took from St. Thomas to St. Croix didn’t load my bike on the plane. Then they grabbed someone else’s bike, so it took them three flights to get my bike to the island. I figured it wasn’t worth fusssing about, because I remembered I’m on an island in the Caribbean. Life is good.

Today I swam just off the beach at my condo, opposed to the swim area since I figured the area would be quite busy. I was spot on. The water was wonderful, borderline too warm, but it’s clean and the visibility is terrific. I also drove the course today, which required constant awareness on my part. Yes, the course is quite windy, but I have to keep assuring myself that I’m supposed to be driving on the left side. Too bad the stearing wheel was on the left…

Back to the course. This is just a guess, but I think Sunday is going to be hard. It’s been in the 80’s ever since we’ve been here and it’s humid! I’m sweating right now and I’m just lying on a chaise lounge chair. Heck, I need electrolyes just to sit around! Can’t wait to see how much more I’ll need come race day.

So back to the course, but this time I’ll actually talk about it and not the weather. It’s either up or down and if it’s flat, we’ll likely have to combat wind. The road conditions also vary greatly. I checked out the beast and it looks like a bitch. Some people were kind enough to spray paint the incline percentage on the road, as well as the distance.Thanks…

I dont think I’ll want to see the percentages as I’m climbing. Or I could put a positive spin on it and yell “Is that all you got, 21%!” Someone marked 27% on the road, but I’m not too sure about that one. Regardless, it looks steep!

So after climbing “Beasts,” weaving through potholes, and dealing with the heat and humidity, I’ll get to go for a run. While it’s not known to be fast run course, I’m expectig a PR on the half-marathon whether or not my ankle likes it. If it gives me fits, I’ll yell “HTFU” at it in a stern voice – I may be talking to myself and inanimate objects on race day.

I wrote this on my iPod touch, so I’m sorry for any grammatical errors. What can I say, my thumb is tired!