In about 5 days, I’ll be en route to the US Virgin Islands; St. Croix to be specific. It was my intention to avoid traveling as much as I did last year – so far I’m doing a good job – but, when I mentioned the race site to my family, their ears piqued. Long story short, I’m racing in the tropics and I’ll get several days after the race to unwind, be a beach bum, and go rum tasting (maybe).

The Ironman 70.3 St. Croix will be my one and only half-ironman for the year. Since I have no desire to race Kona or Clearwater for a few years, this race is more about the destination. Regardless, it will be a great opportunity to work on increasing my fitness and heat tolerance. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll be there to compete! My form is coming around and my expectations are high. All I have to do is stay on top of my nutrition and I’ll be golden.

I’m also excited to break out my new bike box! I recently purchased a smaller, soft-case bike box from Pika Packworks and am anxiously awaiting my next encounter with the check-in agent at the airport. The case weighs 10 lbs. by itself! So long overweight fees!