The first week of 2011 training is just about complete and it’s been a rather delightful week. Well, I did sprain the fingers I broke last year, but life goes on. Although, it is worth mentioning that one of the fingers is rather large. So, if I were to flip someone off, it would be hard for them not to notice – not that I flip people off.

Anyways, I wouldn’t specifically say I’m in the midst of a swim focus, but am in the water a lot. In fact, I know I’m swimming a lot when:
  • I rarely shower at home.
  • Chlorine is my natural fragrance.
  • My alarm is set daily for 4:37.
  • I go to bed about the time a 6 year old would.
  • I opt for a shopping cart over a basket when picking up a few items from the grocery store.
  • Breakfast is broken into three meals (pre-swim, post-swim, and post-swim nap).
Based on that list, I’m sure you can imagine just how exciting my social life is. 
I’ve also swam further than I’ve run this week… thus far. Am I swimming that much? Or running that little? That’s for you to decide.