Sometimes I grow tired of training near sea level – the oxygen rich air and warmer weather become so monotonous. So, in instances such as the one aforementioned, I head to higher ground. Literally. No, I’m not heading to Boulder; it’s a great place, but too many athletes and egos for my liking. Instead, I’m heading to Lake Tahoe tomorrow with a handful of Muddy’s athletes.

From Thursday to Sunday, I’ve been told that I’m going to get my ass kicked. I’ve never been in a fight, but am confident I could hold my own… or run away faster than the other guy.
With the Wildflower disappointment, 3-hour naps, and catching up on Parks and Recreation of late, I’ve been feeling quite good, so this camp couldn’t of come at a better time. I thought about going to Memphis in May, but the recent flooding washed away that idea. Fortunately, there’s a local race that same weekend in San Jose and I’ll just try to win that instead. 
All in all, the camp is one of my last good opportunities to get in a lot of volume before the big races starting showing up on the schedule. It’s also a good opportunity to watch the Tour of California. Stage 1 finishes not too far from where we’ll be staying.