I had originally planned to race the San Francisco Triathlon last weekend, but after talking it over with my coach, we opted not to. For one, the roads are crap and it’s a loop course. Crappy roads + loops + poor bike handlers = no race. It’s simple non-numeric math.

Instead, I’ll be racing this weekend at the Metro Triathlon. The race takes place on the exact same course as the Silicon Valley International, which I competed in just last month. Why race on the same course again? Well, it’s surely not because I think the course is particularly awesome; I’m doing it for comparative purposes and because it’ll be a good, hard workout.

My goal is to better my time for each discipline. I’m confident that will happen on the swim since I’ve tweaked my stroke. It’s going to be awhile before the strength is there, but I am pulling more water. Bettering the bike time ought to be a piece of cake. After all, the bike course at the Silicon Valley International was over a mile long and I have faith that this race company will have the distances down to the inch. As for bettering the run, I need to run hard enough so I can’t talk. I ran comfortably and even chatted with the athlete next to me before stepping on the gas at mile 3. This time, I intend to step on the gas and keep my foot down.

Following this event, I’ll be on three courses which I have yet to race. So there’s some variety. Speaking of variety, I went grocery shopping today and came home with four boxes of cereal (amongst other things).