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10 Reasons for Toe Socks

When I was preparing to run my first ultra last year, the Big Basin 50k, I was chock-full of questions. Handheld water bottle or hydration pack? How many calories should I take in per hour? Are blisters inevitable? Will I run off-course? When do hallucinations set in? Is it cool to go in the woods? And so on.

Looking back, the best decision I made was to buy a pair of toe socks. Why? Well, since we have ten toes, I’ll give you ten reasons – in no particular order – for their awesomeness.

1. Toe Freedom

Your hands are most useful when all phalanges can move about independently. Think about it, if you’re wearing mittens, you can’t quite grip something as well as when you’re wearing a glove. So, why would you do the same thing to your feet? I realize wearing shoes is like wearing mittens, but wearing a “glove” underneath allows for more stability. There’s a reason toe-boxes in shoes are getting wider.

2. Breathability

Thanks to a mesh top and Injinji taking the time to tediously wrap each toe in a sweat-wicking material, toe socks dissipate moisture like a champ. Go ahead, get your feet wet! They’ll dry fast and you’ll be blister free.

3. Blister Prevention

I used to think that blisters were inevitable. Then I ran an ultra-marathon. Then a longer ultra-marathon. Then an Ironman triathlon. Then a trail marathon. I wore toe socks in each event and guess what, no blisters. Given that my toes can’t rub skin-to-skin, there’s no need to worry about side-toe blisters even if my feet are slightly wet. Heck, I haven’t even gotten a blister on the bottom of my foot either. Moisture management for the win!

4. Wicking Wool

Injinji recently released NuWool, a merino wool-blended toe sock. This makes their socks even more awesome, because now you get better temperature regulation, moisture management, and less smelliness with the requisite blister prevention.

5. A Sock for Every Occasion

Going for a trail run? Wear the Trail 2.0. Running a marathon where it’ll be quite warm? Reach for the Run 2.0 Lightweight. Going to work? Go loud with a sock from the Sport Lifestyle Sorrento Collection.

6. A No Show that Doesn’t Show

While this is more applicable to a lifestyle collection, Injinji makes a true no show toe sock. As in, it actually doesn’t show when wearing shoes. It’s a style thing, but I either prefer my socks to be tall and loud (i.e. colorful) or hidden. Injinji covers both bases.

7. Colorfulness

As I mentioned above,  I’m a fan of loud socks. Purples, pinks, yellows, greens, and blues. The more personality, the better. Of course, the traditional whites, blacks, and grays are available. Again, Injinji covers the bases.

8. Compression Toe Socks

If you thought wool toe socks were awesome, behold compression toe socks! I tend to travel a bit, so I find myself in compression socks quite often. In the past, I’d reach a point of irritability wearing them. However, with my toes free to roam, I’ve never been more comfortable wearing compression socks for long periods of time.

9. Happy Feet

Your feet are your most important asset when running. If they’re happy, it’s very likely that you’ll be happy. The right sock makes all the difference. There’s no such thing as being too comfortable when running, so you might as well wear the most comfortable sock.

10. They’re Sexy

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If you’d like to try a pair of Injinji socks or order a bunch, leave a comment below and I’ll email you a coupon code. FYI, I only have so many coupon codes.

  • Ko on 27 Jun 2014

    This is great, these are my favorites for races too. They’re great at not bunching up under the root of my toes. Could you send me a coupon code? Thanks!

  • andrew downey on 27 Jun 2014

    love injinji socks. blister free since I started wearing them. would love to get some more!

  • Fletcher on 27 Jun 2014

    I lovethe idea of toe socks – especially the wool and compression ones but didn’t think I could justify the price. But if you hook me up with 40% off I’ll definitely give them a go!

  • Oscar Brenninkmeyer on 27 Jun 2014

    Love them with my Vibram Five Fingers, but always looking for non-loud mid calf length. Please send coupon. thanks O

  • Shai Simchi on 27 Jun 2014

    Hey Erich,
    Sounds like something I would like to try 🙂


  • Gemma Hollis on 27 Jun 2014

    Couldn’t agree more! Just need to perfect getting them on quickly so I can race in them!! Great blog looks like you’re having great fun in Bali 🙂

  • Erich on 27 Jun 2014

    For those that have commented thus far, check your inboxes for the coupon code. Enjoy!

    • Jack Lenzo on 1 Jul 2014

      Very generous of you to offer Injinji Coupon Code… I would love to take you up on it! Thanks in advance, and great production value on your vids, btw, you may have another calling. ~Jack.

      • Rosa Palmer on 31 Aug 2019

        Hi I have rather big bunions would love a pair of these to see if it would reduce the calluses I get many thanks

  • ohhorob on 27 Jun 2014

    I’ve had at least 4 or 5 toe socks in rotation for the last two years of blister-free running 🙂

    They’re also great for being able to wear flip-flops around before and after training!

  • Phillip on 10 Jul 2014

    I love the idea of toe socks.. I get blisters on any run over 10miles!

  • Sarah on 27 Jul 2014

    Injinji socks rock! I just picked up a few new pairs at Zombierunner, love the variety in padding and color.

  • David on 5 Aug 2014

    I will be trying these on my run tomorrow morning! Hoping these are the answer to the continual blistering on the front of my toes. I would love a coupon code if they are still available. Thanks!

  • Sean McMillan on 2 Sep 2014

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about these socks. I paced for a racer in the leadville 100 and he loved them. River crossing and all he said he didn’t have to switch out socks or shoes. Amazing! I’m going to try them out!

  • Jason Parker on 4 Jan 2016

    Thanks for the gear recommendations. I’m hoping to learn from other ppl before attempting my first 100. I have used swiftkick socks in the past and they work great also.

    • Erich on 4 Jan 2016

      I have several pairs of Swiftwick myself and love them! My dream sock would have the compression and fit of a Swiftwick coupled with Injinji’s classic toes.

      Which 100 are you targeting?

  • Bud Rutherford on 22 Jan 2017

    A beginner runner, and after reading about these socks, I really need to order a few. Thanks for the 40% off!

    • Erich on 22 Jan 2017

      You’ll love ’em! If the code doesn’t work, let me know. Cheers.

  • Chrissie Happs on 1 May 2017

    I just started running seriously at 50yrs old! Toe socks have been a godsend!! I’d love to see if these are truly better than the others.

    • Erich on 2 May 2017

      It’s never too late to start running! Hope the toe socks work out well for you!

  • Monica on 19 May 2017

    Sound great. After foot problems, and super arch running shoes,I’m making the jump to minimalist foot wear

  • Alex on 5 Jun 2017

    I would love to try these!

  • Nathan on 24 Jun 2017

    Hey thanks for the article, I love how you choose 10 reasons like 10 toes!

    I’m in the neighborhood for these socks, figured I’d see if you still have that coupon offer! Thanks for reading!

  • Linda on 22 Aug 2017

    Hey Erich, Thank you for your evaluation of the Injinji toe socks. I have some cotton “yoga” toe socks. I was looking today to find out what the benefits are. You nailed it. I only have a few pair, I’m a sock lover. . . and I wear socks for any occasion. Even with skirts and dresses. That’s just me.
    Again, thank you for your explanation.

  • Kathy George on 18 Oct 2017

    I would love a coupon, please and look forward to trying your product.

    • Erich on 19 Oct 2017

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Kathy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more coupon codes to hand out, as the blog was initially published in 2014. Sorry!

  • Rebecca on 21 Nov 2017

    I would love to try a pair of toe socks.

    • Erich on 22 Nov 2017

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Rebecca. Unfortunately, I’m out of coupon codes (this blog post was initially published in 2014). Sorry!

  • Rev Jenni Walker on 28 Nov 2017

    I have been told they will help with my feet spreading and help straighten them…hope so! Have only worn them for a few days but already loving them!

    • Erich on 29 Nov 2017

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying them! They’ve been my go-to sock since 2012. And yeah, the socks do allow for natural toe splay. Couple that with a wide toe boxed shoe and you’re golden!

  • Dale on 14 Jan 2018

    I just tried a pair in my Work boots best day ever

    • Erich on 15 Jan 2018

      Glad to hear it, Dale!

  • corline roberts on 1 May 2018

    I would love to tr y your compression socks. I have been looking at various brands but have not ordered yet. Thank you .

    • Erich on 1 May 2018

      Thank you for the comment, Corline. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more coupon codes to give out, but the Injinji compression socks are great and you won’t regret buying them.

  • Nicole on 16 Jul 2018

    Sounds interesting. Worth a try. Is the coupon still available?

    • Erich on 16 Jul 2018

      Thanks for the comment, Nicole. Unfortunately, I don’t have any coupons to hand out. Regardless, I think Injini socks are great and are definitely worth a try!

  • Elana Dabkowski on 8 Aug 2018

    I’m recovering from a broken foot and tried a pair of cheap toe socks. My foot feels so much better. I would like to try the real deal for walking. I would appreciate a coupon if there are any available.

    • Erich on 9 Aug 2018

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any more coupon codes, Elana. I hope your recovery goes well!

  • Judy Bittner on 29 Oct 2018

    I REALLY want to try these. Do you have any coupons left?

    • Erich on 29 Oct 2018

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any coupons left. Regardless, they’re great socks and are definitely worth a try!

  • Judy Bittner on 29 Oct 2018

    I’m sorry for asking. I just read the previous comments that you do not have any more coupons. Thanks anyway. Thanks for the great review.

  • Julie Williams on 19 Apr 2019

    I’ve never heard of toe socks before, but I sure would like to try them. Sounds like a great idea!

    • Erich on 20 Apr 2019

      Hi Julie, unfortunately, I don’t have any coupons left. Regardless, they’re great socks and are definitely worth a try!

  • Owen Anderson on 19 Dec 2020

    I love your socks! They help me use my whole foot & have improved my balance and greater mobility & comfort. Would love to get 40% off for myself & my friends. Thanks

    • Erich on 20 Dec 2020

      Hey, Owen. Unfortunately, I don’t have any coupons left. Regardless, they’re great socks and are definitely worth a try!

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