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Leadville Marathon

If I could only compete in two events this year, I’d choose the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike and Leadville Trail 100 Run. Why? They’re a week apart, start at an elevation of 10,176 feet (3,101 m), and are two of the toughest single-day races in the world. However, I needed to qualify for the […]

Ironman Arizona

It only feels like yesterday that I signed up for Ironman Arizona. Though, it was really 4 weeks ago now. I felt the most confident about racing that distance than I ever had prior. In my last post, I said, “Call me naive, call me an unrelenting optimist, but I’m ready to race!” Maybe I’m […]

Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Not a lot went through my mind during my first 50 mile ultra-marathon. However, one moment sticks out vividly. Somewhere between the 15- and 18.4 mile aid stations, I realized that I was wearing a fanny pack. What I thought to be a waist hydration pack, actually met all the criteria of a fanny pack: […]

Mongolia Bike Challenge

The outlining of this site and all its listed events stems from a single event. While the 50k ultra-marathon and 100k mountain bike were uncommon ventures for a “triathlete,” they weren’t obtusely out-of-the-ordinary pursuits. The Mongolia Bike Challenge on the other hand, was a far departure from the norm. It forced me out of my […]

#400in4 & The Santa Cruz International

Sometimes I get ideas. Actually, “quite often” would be a better way of describing the rate in which things pop into my head. Anyways, some of the ideas are good, some are bad, and most are questionable. I’m particularly fond of the questionable ideas, because this new website is basically a breeding ground for them. […]

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