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Bali’s Lessons in Endurance

I’m beginning to forget what life was like back in California. For instance, I’m having a hard time imagining what almond butter tastes like – I used to average a 16-ounce jar of that stuff every 5.8-days. Thankfully, cashews are plentiful and those are an acceptable substitute. It’s even more acceptable when a spoon covered […]

Getting Going In Bali

I’ve been in Bali ~2.5 weeks now. In that time, I’ve mastered non-defensive scootering on the left side of the road, choosing entrees that contain the least amount of sustenance, and creating artsy-looking sweat spots on t-shirts. Sounds like it’s all fun and games, huh? Well, that’s pretty much the truth. Since settling in Ubud, […]

2013 By The Numbers

If there’s one thing I’m good at – besides cooking, cleaning, and organizing – it’s being consistent with my training. While some people struggle to get out of bed to work out, I struggle to get through a day without swimming, biking, and/or running at least once. Some, vice, eh? If that wasn’t bad enough, […]

One Last Hurrah

To prepare for the Mongolia Bike Challenge, I rode more often, but still swam and ran for variety. To prepare for the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Ultra-Marathon, I ran a lot, but still swam and rode on occasion. Long story short, no matter what event I focus on, I will always be a multi-sport athlete […]

Crash Course In Ultra-Running

How do you prepare for a 50 mile ultra-marathon in less than 4.5 weeks? I asked myself that question upon returning from Mongolia and don’t yet have an answer. However, I’ll let you know how my plan worked out in the post-race write-up. To get going, I bought new trail running kicks, because a half […]

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