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This past weekend, I did not run around in the usual… just kidding! Of course I did. A Saturday and/or Sunday without a bike ride would feel down right wrong. I mean, that’s what weekends are for right? Going on long rides to avoid doing things around the house and creating unnecessarily large caloric deficits. […]


Since St. Pölten, I’ve been able to resume a somewhat consistent training regime once again. Nothing like what I would do at home on a weekly basis, but it’s training nevertheless. Speaking of St. Pölten, I wasn’t the only athlete to screw up the finishing loop. I overheard a rumor a large percentage of the […]

Roatan Wedding

The week spent with family and friends in Roatan will surely go down as an unforgettable one. While I trained nearly everyday, triathlon took to the back seat; this week was about my sister and her husband’s marriage. There’s really no need to detail either the wedding festivities or training in great detail, instead, I […]


After getting back from Nepal, I drew up a race schedule that included a fair bit of travel. At the time, it was just fun, but tentative. A few months later, i.e. now, it is reality. This coming Friday marks the beginning of what will be a very on-the-go 3-months of traveling and racing. Fortunately, […]

Rest Week In Palawan

Reflecting upon my most recent holiday, err,  “rest week,” traveling half-way around the world to “rest” was a good decision. Nevermind the 20-some hours I spent in a plane getting there or the day lost en route, because I came back feeling great! That is, until my body realized there was a 16-hour time difference. […]

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