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The End of Triathlon

The clock read 4-hours, 19-minutes, and 24-seconds. I didn’t know it then, but that marked the end. After 53 races and nearly 8 years, the triathlon chapter in my life closed. The decision to step away was not at all premeditated, but rather a long process of unconscious decisions. In short, the opportunity cost to race […]

2014 By The Numbers

Races are hard to write about. Remembering what happened and spinning them in a way that comes across as interesting is basically impossible to do. Writing about triathlon training is an even tougher task, but when a year’s worth of training data is collected, it’s… eh, it’s still boring. So, allow me to tell you about flip […]

Ironman Arizona

It only feels like yesterday that I signed up for Ironman Arizona. Though, it was really 4 weeks ago now. I felt the most confident about racing that distance than I ever had prior. In my last post, I said, “Call me naive, call me an unrelenting optimist, but I’m ready to race!” Maybe I’m […]

One Last Hurrah

To prepare for the Mongolia Bike Challenge, I rode more often, but still swam and ran for variety. To prepare for the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Ultra-Marathon, I ran a lot, but still swam and rode on occasion. Long story short, no matter what event I focus on, I will always be a multi-sport athlete […]

#400in4 & The Santa Cruz International

Sometimes I get ideas. Actually, “quite often” would be a better way of describing the rate in which things pop into my head. Anyways, some of the ideas are good, some are bad, and most are questionable. I’m particularly fond of the questionable ideas, because this new website is basically a breeding ground for them. […]

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