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DL On DQ At Auburn

At Wildflower, my goal was to not get DQ’d. Going into the Auburn Triathlon, which was two weeks later, my goal was to win. In actuality, I ended up DQ’ing myself. Well done, Mr. Wegscheider, well done.Also, it’s somehow taken me nearly two weeks to write a race report. Why the delay? I. Don’t. Know. […]

Wildflower Triathlon

Entering the 2013 Wildflower Triathlon, my goal was simple: don’t get DQ’d. In preparation, I did my research, studied hard, befriended the USAT Head Referee – just to be safe – and set a lofty goal: to be the Stagger-Rule Master. How did I do? Amazingly well. The referees zipped by like I was invisible. […]

Xterra Real

With four mountain bike rides under my belt, I was ready for my first taste of Xterra. If you’re wondering what an off-road triathlon tastes like, put dirt in your mouth. Yeah, it’s a lot like that. Dirt isn’t bad though. Think about all the animals that eat stuff with dirt on it. They’re fine, […]

Escape from Alcatraz Race Report (Card)

Sometimes I leave a race slightly perplexed. Sunday was one of those races. Thank You, Mother. Your Timing Is Impeccable To address the conditions, yes, the water was cold (11º); yes, the water was choppy; and yes, it was rather windy, but 1,580 athletes faced and finished in those very conditions. I’m going to pretend […]

Alcatraz Interview

Interviews are fun. They’re opportunities for one-on-one, no holds barred, complete transparency, questioning and answering. That is, unless you’re Lance Armstrong – hehe. Since very rarely am I contacted for an interview, I decided to take some initiative and interview myself. Presumably, such a post would end up being quite abstract. However, with the Escape […]

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