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Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Not a lot went through my mind during my first 50 mile ultra-marathon. However, one moment sticks out vividly. Somewhere between the 15- and 18.4 mile aid stations, I realized that I was wearing a fanny pack. What I thought to be a waist hydration pack, actually met all the criteria of a fanny pack: […]

Crash Course In Ultra-Running

How do you prepare for a 50 mile ultra-marathon in less than 4.5 weeks? I asked myself that question upon returning from Mongolia and don’t yet have an answer. However, I’ll let you know how my plan worked out in the post-race write-up. To get going, I bought new trail running kicks, because a half […]

Big Basin 50K

Once upon a time – early in my triathlon career – I said something like “An ultra-marathon has no appeal.” Well, I ate those words. Where did the impetus to run an ultra come from? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Somewhere between not running very much and trying to balance swimming and […]

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