I’ve made it to Granada and have settled in at my new home away from home. The only problem is, I don’t have any of my checked bags. Yep, that means no bike or additional clothing. As a matter of fact, I have no idea where my bike is. Paris, perhaps?

You may be thinking that my journey over was hectic – lost luggage and all – but it actually wasn’t that bad. When you have the expectation that everything will go to plan when flying, you’re in for a nightmare. However, when you expect airlines to mess up, your trip will be wonderful (relatively speaking, of course).

San Francisco to Paris wasn’t all that bad. We were delayed 1:15 and I incurred a $300 bike box fee. Once in Paris, I ran to the other gate to find out that the flight to Malaga would also be delayed. I was relieved to learn about the delay, because I figured it would offer the airline plenty of time to transfer my bags to the next flight. However, an earlier flight to Malaga was cancelled and those passengers were booked on our flight and their bags went on first.

Being on the go for 24 hours definitely wore me out, so not having my bike and workout clothing right now allows me to rest up and get used to the time change – it’s rest week after all. Everything ought to be in soon. In the mean time, I’ll get to know my host family better and enjoy my impromptu vacation.