It has been a busy (and tiring) couple of weeks, but rest week is finally upon me. I’m hoping some interesting things happen this week, so that I’ll have something to blog about. Until unforeseen wacky occurrences start coming my way, I’ll fill you in on the latest and greatest.

I got a new bike and it’s ready to make its debut! Riding a Specialized the last couple of years was great, but there were some aspects of the bike I just didn’t care for. I also wanted to switch components and ride a lighter and stiffer bike. Esthetics were also important, but secondary to performance. I’m happy to say that I didn’t have to sacrifice anything when it came to putting this bike together. Here it is:

Yep, the good ole Cervelo P3. Why the P3? Well, its pedigree speaks for itself. It’s light (✓), stiff (✓), and looks great (✓)! I outfitted it with SRAM Red and went with a more ergonomic aero bar, the Profile Design CX3. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I have to thank the guys at Life Cycle Bike Shop in Eugene, OR for helping me dream up this beast. We’ll be making our Wednesday Nighter debut this week – barring dry weather.

Speaking of the Wednesday Nighter, I crested the toughest climb of the route with the lead group – a first for me. Those guys at the front ride hard!

I also got a Wii… for recovery purposes. Is there a better way to recover than an ice bath, food, Trigger Point massage, shower, more food, nap, and kicking back on the couch watching instant Netflix/playing video games? I think not. Well, there is the Normatec MVP…

Other than that, I’m running out of things that can be considered the “latest and greatest.” Oh, I recently started swimming at the Santa Clara International Swim Center. They just switched over to long-course meters and have a talented group in their masters’ program, so that’s my new pool.

Well, that wraps up all the latest with me that is relevant to triathlons.